IDK what to do next. Someone for the love of god request something.

Does anyone even see this?

Whatevs. Lemme know if you people wan't something else.

Adrienne's HTML Codes

So I'm giving this providing html codes thing a try. Please, if you're going to use my codes, leave the credit where it is.

leave the credit where it is

You're welcome to edit the codes, but please

K now that that's done. I'm more than happy to help you with any questions. I am also more than happy to consider any requests you may have. Please send any questions and requests to my active blog. Please note that this blog does not post, and any updates regarding my codes/new codes will come from that blog.

It'd be super nice if you liked/reblogged the code if you use it (click info), just so I know that people are actually using them

Enjoy the codes!
Theme 5
Theme 4
Theme 3
Theme 2
(for the sis)
Theme 1
Coming Soon
Custom Pages
Families Page 1
Navigation 2
Gray Page Set
About Page 2
Gray Page Set
Ask Page 1
Gray Pge Set
Redirection Page 1
About Page 1
Navigation 1
Coming Soon
Tutorial for hover text
Aaaaannnndd another updates tab tutorial
Find my second updates tab tutorial here
See my updates tab tutorial here

More tutorials to come!